6 Best Compost Spreader For Lawn That Really Works

I have spent hours of labor and money keeping my lawn lush and green. However, one day I realized that the pesticides and chemical fertilizers that I frequently used caused harm to the soil and the grass. Then, I decided to take a more natural approach to maintaining my lawn, and I started researching and learning about composting. I realized composting was a cheap and efficient way to rejuvenate the soil and promote healthy grass growth.

When I started applying compost, I searched for a better way to spread it. And then I found that a compost spreader is very practical and can distribute peat moss, manure, grass clippings, seed, fertilizers, or soil conditioners evenly across my lawn. There are many types of compost spreaders on the market, so it is important to pick one that works best. Today, I’ll share my research and real user-based thoughts to help you choose the best compost spreader.

6 Best Compost Spreader For Lawn That Really Works

My neighbors were amazed at how my lawn had transformed, and many of them started following my lead in composting their own lawns. However, you should know that compost is one of the best ways to fertilize grass, but you’re probably wondering how to distribute it. The good news is that compost spreaders can help you in various ways. It means there is a solution for every demand. Here are the top 6 lawn compost spreaders, so you can pick the one that works best for you.

1. Landzie Lawn & Garden Compost Spreader (Best Overall)

After using it for the last 2 years, I found Landzie Composter to be excellent for spreading manure, compost, soil, and peat moss. It will last year after year because of its durable metal construction with a powder-coated finish. This is a perfect tool for homeowners, gardeners, and landscapers to spread nutrients on lawns quickly and efficiently.

One of the primary reasons for choosing this spreader is that it is easy to move into different positions. Before purchasing this spreader, I was thinking about the handle comfortability while pushing a large amount of compost, and finally, it makes me happy. The easy grip was ergonomically adjusted to my hand’s shape, giving a better pushing ability with less energy consumption.

Another reason, the mesh basket inside the Landzie composter is designed to break up clumpy materials during running. After spreading one cubic foot of peat moss, I found the spreader separated some clumpy waste inside the basket, which is unsuitable for the lawn. The durable mesh basket was enough to distribute compost evenly across my lawn.

The total length from the ground to the handle was 42.5 inches, making it perfect for spreading compost without bending and with no back pain. The 24-inch width covers a large area at a time and saves more time. Also, the 12″ extra large filling door with the easy-opening feature made my work more manageable; I could get inside without any trouble, which saved much time. Its compact and lightweight design made it flexible and easy to store.

The side clasps were one of the primary considerations while purchasing this composter, and I was thinking seriously about them. Finally, I found the double-locking side clasps enclosed and firmly held to the mesh basket. This feature makes me stress-free and secure while spreading nutrients on the lawn.

Once mistakenly, I kept it outside and found the Landzie composter is made with a durable and weather-resistant (chip or rust resistance) exterior that will withstand any weather due to its heat treatment with a powder-coated finish. I believe the Landzie compost spreader is designed to look good and work better than the other competitors on the market.


Landzie Lawn & Garden Compost Spreader

2. VEVOR Compost Spreader For Lawn (Budget-Friendly Option)

VEVOR is a new member of the compost spreader family. After researching this spreader, I found compost spreading much easier than before. One interesting thing is that I bought it from Amazon at a lower price than other brands. At first, I was thinking about its working ability compared to other high-price spreaders, and finally, I am confident and satisfied with its service.

One of the important things about using a spreader is that it saves time and labor. Spreading compost and other materials takes a lot of time and labor, especially when our landscape has different terrains, such as slopes and uneven surfaces. I experienced that this spreader’s 24″ steel basket ensured faster spreading than the traditional method.

I’ve tested different materials like topsoil, peat moss, manure, and even sand to spread on my landscape, and I found the diamond mesh works for spreading easily with no hassle. The mesh basket was sturdy and neat by keeping it closed while toppling and falling the materials on the lawn.

We know that control is essential when using a tool. I found the latest side latches, adjustable handles, and comfortable grip worked for comfortable use, making me happy. I realize that the thermally sprayed powder-coated steel works against corrosion and rust, and I’m pretty sure it will last a long time.

One thing that was not negative was that I couldn’t fit the handle inside for storage, so I used the T handle as a wall hanger. The adjustable handle makes it good for users of all heights.

Finally, I believe it’s a great alternative and budget-friendly option to traditional methods for spreading more than 1 bag of peat moss or compost, and I highly recommend it.

VEVOR Compost Spreader For Lawn

3. Peak Seasons Compost Spreader (Best For Small Lawns)

Everybody can agree that clean organic compost is important for any garden. Peak Seasons Compost Spreader with a steel frame and green powder coat finish will help you provide the best nutrients for your plants. 

This versatile solid compost roller comes with an 18″ x 24-1/2″ barrel size and features latches, a sliding door, and 4.7 cubic feet of interior space. A user-friendly design makes it handy and maneuverable. This composter comes with easy-to-install latches and a sliding door for easy loading.

Peak Seasons Compost Spreader is a powerful and efficient compost roller that quickly breaks up clumpy materials as it tumbles. The sliding door on this unit makes loading and unloading easy, and the latch kit provides additional security for the lid to keep pets and small children out!

A 4.7 cubic foot interior capacity can comfortably handle all of your composting needs. This product is great for small families, busy homeowners, and campers who want to make their own compost at home or while on the go!

Peak Seasons Compost Spreader

4. Newer Spreader Model 100 Basic Unit (Best For Large Lawns)

Finally, the eco-friendly, cost-effective solution has come for all of your composting needs. With this Newer Spreader attachment to your tractor and two-inch ball hitch, you don’t even have to get out of the seat and can use both hands on harvest or maintenance tasks!

No more bending! The Newer Spreader Model 100 Basic Unit is specially designed for you. It comes with heavy-duty steel construction for durability, a user-friendly design for maneuverability, equal manure distribution to reduce clumping and grass damage, and an extra-large capacity for a perfect large lawn. 

The drop-pin style hitch makes it easier to hook up and unhook. The mill-finished aluminum is lightweight and rust-resistant, making it a great option for those who want a quality product but don’t want to deal with heavy equipment. It is made of heavy-duty steel, which means it can handle any stress you put on it.

The flat-free tires are smooth and quiet, perfect for those who need a gentle approach. The agitator helps break up clumps of manure or compost, ensuring that the entire load is mixed properly. The agitator’s design allows for a smooth and quiet discharge of the manure, reducing the chances of clogging. 

It’s easy to use, move, rotate, and change position. It has 110 pounds of weight, making it lightweight yet durable enough to stay put even during high winds. The extra-large capacity allows you to hold up to 8 cubic feet of material.

Newer Spreader Model 100 Basic Unit

5. Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool For Spreading Compost

Spread your compost evenly with this Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool. The 48″ x 10″ Ground Plate is perfect for easy mobility, and the double spot welded stainless steel head ensures a secure grip, even on slippery surfaces. Whether you’re looking to turn your compost pile or give life to a barren patch of soil, Levelawn has everything you need!

Whether you are a professional landscaper, a small-scale organic farmer, or just someone who wants to put in some time putting down that compost for your garden, the Levelawn Tool For Spreading Compost is guaranteed to come in handy. The 78″ long handle covers more ground and works faster. With its extra-long handle and sturdy steel construction, there’s no better tool for spreading compost evenly than this!

This Levelawn rake for spreading compost is perfect for use anywhere in the yardIt allows you to cover more area when spreading compost. The tool also makes it easier to spread compost by giving you more strength when you are turning over dirt or spreading soil.

You can get rid of divots and dips on your lawn by filling them with compost and leveling them out with the Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool. You can remove the handle section if you want a shorter 50″ handle. It works on any type of grass, like Bermuda, Kentucky Bluegrass, Ryegrass, St. Augustine, and Fescue, as well as other types. It works best when the grass is cut down to 1.5″ or less.

Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool For Spreading Compost

6. Seymour compost spreader for topdressing 

Lawn care is no small task. It can be a lot of work, from fertilizing to grass cutting. Spreading compost is an easy way to make your lawn look better and give it the nutrients and minerals it needs. That’s why the lightweight, heavy-duty Seymour Spreader for fertilizer and manure has become one of America’s favorite garden tools! It spreads just enough product without being too much—perfect for the average homeowner who doesn’t have hours to spend on yard work.

The Seymour Spreader is a multi-purpose garden tool. With an innovative design, this lightweight, heavy-duty, easy-to-use compost and manure spreader for lawns is the perfect product for people looking to save time. Maintain your lawn by spreading fertilizer without getting muddy or wearing yourself out with this compact device!

The Seymour Spreader is lightweight but strong enough to move manure and compost. It’s easy to use, even for kids with heavy hands! Perfect for spreading compost on your lawn to improve its overall health. 

Seymour compost spreader for topdressing

Things To Consider While Buying A Compost Spreader

Buying a compost spreader is not as easy as it may seem, especially when you need to consider the many different factors that come into play. The following are some of the things you should consider when choosing which compost spreader to purchase: 

1) The size. The first thing is the size of the lawn. Before buying a compost spreader, measure your lawn and ensure the spreader’s size is appropriate for this space. If you have a small yard and don’t want the expense of a reel, then you will want to find a small compost spreader. I suggest you take the Newer Spreader Model 100 Basic Unit for a large lawn.

2) Push or pull compost spreader. Depending on your lawn’s size and terrain, you can choose a push or pull compost spreader. When choosing a pull compost spreader, make sure it conveniently connects to tractors, ATVs, and UTVs.

3) Consider the terrain. Remember to take into account the terrain. If it’s really hilly, you’ll need a compost spreader that won’t tip. Also, verify the wheels for terrain compatibility.

4) The handle’s height. Check the handle’s height before buying a compost spreader. A long handle allows you to cover more ground and work faster. A short handle is preferable for small tasks. I found that most composter handles are the same and work well for both tall and short people.

5) Price. Price is often crucial when making purchasing decisions because we usually have finite resources. We often have budgets and financial goals that we must adhere to, meaning we must consider the price before making a purchase. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly composter, I suggest you take the VEVOR Compost Spreader, and I believe this product is worth the investment. 

6) Knowing the type of material. Knowing the type of material you want to compost will help you decide whether to purchase a composter. Some materials are more difficult to compost than others, so research before buying a compost spreader. I found that the Landzie Compost Spreader covers most of the compost materials.

How To Use A Compost Spreader

Using a compost spreader is a relatively simple process. Here are the general steps to follow:

  • Open the clasps: Open the two clasps of the filling door with your hand. 
  • Fill the spreader: Fill the spreader with compost or other spreading materials after opening the swinging hinge door.
  • Close the hinged door: Close the door properly to prevent the spreader from opening while in use.
  • Start walking: Begin pushing the spreader forward, keeping a consistent speed and direction.
  • Disperse the compost: As you walk, the spreader will release the compost through the spinning dispersal mechanism. Make sure to overlap each pass slightly to ensure even coverage.
  • Finish the job: Continue walking and spreading until you have covered the area you wish to fertilize.
  • Clean the spreader: After use, clean it thoroughly to remove any remaining compost and store it in a dry, safe place.

Always wear appropriate protective gear when using any type of spreader, including shoes, gloves and a dust mask, and read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Benefits Of Compost Spreaders?

Compost spreaders help distribute nutrients evenly throughout your lawn, encouraging deeper root development and better overall growth. Additionally, they reduce the number of weeds and pests that can damage your lawn by improving its ability to fight off these common problems. So if you’re looking to improve the health and appearance of your lawn, a compost spreader is a smart investment that can pay off in the long term.

Can You Use Top Soil In A Spreader?

The answer is yes! However, you’ll want to make sure that the topsoil is not too moist or clumpy, as it can clog the spreader mechanism. It’s also important to note that topsoil is denser than other materials like fertilizer or grass seed, so you’ll need to set the spreader accordingly to ensure even coverage. With proper preparation and technique, using topsoil in a spreader can be a convenient and efficient option for your landscaping needs.

Can You Use Peat Moss In A Compost Spreader?

The answer is yes but with caution. Peat moss is an organic material that can be added to a compost pile to help balance the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio and promote healthy microbial growth. When using a compost spreader, it’s important to ensure that the peat moss is properly decomposed and broken down to avoid clumping or clogging the spreader. Additionally, using too much peat moss can harm your plants by increasing the soil’s acidity. As with any amendment, it’s important to carefully consider the appropriate application rate and balance it with other materials in your compost mix.

Can You Spread Sand In A Compost Spreader?

The short answer is: yes! A compost spreader can be a great tool for evenly distributing sand throughout your compost pile. Use a spreader designed for small particle sizes and evenly layer the sand throughout the pile. Sand can help improve drainage and increase air flow, which can benefit composting. However, adding too much sand can hinder composting, so use it in moderation. Overall, using a compost spreader to add sand can be a simple and efficient way to improve the quality of your compost.

Can You Use Screened Top Soil In A Compost Spreader?

If you’re wondering whether or not you can use screen topsoil in your compost spreader, the answer is yes! Screened topsoil adds organic materials to compost, enriching the soil. Topsoil in a compost spreader may provide nutrient-rich soil for growing multiple grasses. Mix the topsoil with other compost materials, like kitchen scraps and yard waste, to ensure a balanced compost blend. You can make high-quality compost for your garden with a little practice.

Can You Add Horse Manure In A Compost Spreader?

The short answer is yes! Horse manure’s profound nitrogen content breaks down organic waste and promotes microbial growth in compost piles. However, you should check the proper size of the spreader. Horse manure should be properly decomposed and aged before spreading on a lawn or garden bed. This is because fresh manure contains phytotoxic compounds that could harm your plants. You can use a compost spreader to spread matured horse manure for eco-friendly soil fertilization.


I felt proud that composting was a sustainable way to maintain my lawn and contribute to a healthier environment. However, a compost spreader is a great tool. It is worth paying a little extra to get a quality product. It will last you longer and won’t break as easily as the cheaper models. The more features, the better, as it offers more options for those who want them at their disposal. You can take Landzie, as it’s the best overall composter. The Newer Spreader Model 100 is for large lawns, and Peak Seasons is for small lawns.

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