How To Organize Garden Tools: Best 18 Hacks

How to organize garden tools? is one of the most common questions from the garden lovers community. Most people love to have a garden that is a source of refreshment. Moreover, it provides a charming look with different colors of flowers, fresh veggies, and fruits. 

To keep up the eye-catching look, you have to work hard for your garden using some tools. Though working in your garden makes you relax and satisfy yourself, organizing the tools can make you troubled.

Some larger tools require huge space, and smaller tools get easily lost. If they are scattered here and there, then you will be irritated. To make you relax with your garden tools, knowledge in gardening tools organization is mandatory.

In this article, I will provide you with some basic and genius ideas about organizing garden tools. So, if you don’t want to miss the garden hacks, let’s dive in without delay.

How To Organize Garden Tools- An Overview

Space-saving genius storage ideas can make your garden attractive and efficient. Some creative and lucrative organizational ideas will make your garden more organized and charming. 

Sometimes you may feel that long-handled tools management is almost impossible. But with the proper utilization of space in your shed or garage, you can make it so easy. 

garden tools

Gardening Tools

Here are the most used gardening tools.

  • Hand Trowel
  • Secateurs
  • Hoe 
  • Gardening gloves
  • Spade
  • Fork 
  • Shovel
  • Rack
  • Saw
  • Wheelbarrow

If you want to have an organized and well-decorated garden shed or garage, you have to utilize the walls, the narrow corner, and even the ceiling to maximize the space. These under-used areas can be used by purchasing a rack or shelf

Organization of smaller tools

1. Using Bike baskets

You can store smaller objects using your household’s unused products like bike baskets. Bike baskets are excellent things to organize small tools.

In the garden shade, you can hang it from the wall. Then you can store a variety of small items like seed packets, seeds, pegs, and others that can be lost or scattered. 

2. Installation of the Rake head

If you are looking for a unique tool holder, you can choose a rake head made of steel. You can install it for storing trowels, garden gloves, spades, trowels, and various small objects.

3. Using hanging shoe

A hanging shoe with a pocket provides you enough space to organize your small tools. Stakes and dowels, seed packets, weedeater string, twine, or other objects can be hung on the pocket of the hanging shoe.

4. Using glass jars 

Glass jars provide a suitable place to keep the extra seeds. You can label on the jars to remember what you kept in the jar. The lids with glass jars will provide safety from spilling. 

5. Using clay pot filled with sand

If you want to grab the tools quickly and keep the blade of your tool sharp, it would be wise to keep them upright into the sand.

6. Using a plastic box

Ceramic or glass pots are risky to use. In that case, plastic boxes are safer. You can use it according to your need and store different types of small objects.  

Organization of larger tools

7. Installation of vertical shelf

Rakes and shovels can be stored vertically by using hooks. The metal shelf provides you enough space to hang these long-handled tools.   

8. Installation of mount bucket

It provides you to organize the garden hose by wrapping it around the mount bucket. In the inner part of the bucket, you can store spray nozzles, sprinklers, or others that will offer services as a shelf.

9. Using a pegboard

Due to easy movement, pegboards are one of the most popular options for gardening tool organization. According to your desire, you can arrange your tools. If you arrange them by size, then it will be easier for you to find out.

10. Using wall 

The wood pallets that are recycled can be used as wall storage for gardening tool organization. 

11. Horizontal storing

For long-handled tools, horizontal storing ideas are excellent. It saves the space of your shed or house and provides easy organization.

12. Hanging pallet

You can hang your large gardening tools from a hanging pallet. It provides you free space on the floor. This type of organization doesn’t require much space but can organize nicely of the larger tools.

13. Using a bucket

If there is not enough space for hanging gardening tools in your shed or garage. Then you can use only a basket that will provide storage of different large tools like a rake, shovel, etc.

14. Reuse of old furniture

You can use the drawer, cabinet, and shelves of old furniture for organizing. It doesn’t require purchasing and saves money. Our old computer desk, bookshelves are amazing for reuse.

15. Reusing of wheeled cart

Ceramic pots and garden soil are heavy objects to carry. If there is a cart that provides you easy movement with these heavy objects, then gardening will be much easier for you. 

In that case, you can use an old wheeled cart that has an easy drainage system with wire. You can add some buckets or baskets with your portable cart to carry all the essential suppliers.

16. Using shower caddy

It requires moving one plant to another in the garden while carrying heavy materials. If there is a handle with your tools, then it gets easy to carry. A milk carrier or shower caddy or any type of container that contains a handle makes an easy carrier.

17. Mounting towel rack

You can put an S- hooked towel rack in the fence of your garden to make the tools handy. S- Hooks allow you to hang small tools on the fence while working in the garden.

18. Reusing old jeans

If you want to be innovative in your garden hacks, use your jeans pants as a bucket for organizing tools. It will carry a lot!

Final thoughts

Gardening is one of the most preferable hobbies worldwide. But maintaining it is a challenging task that makes you harass. If you know how to reuse household furniture to organize garden tools and store them within a small space, gardening will be more refreshing and attractive. 

You already know how to organize garden tools through this article. So, hurry! Inaugurate the organization of your tools and make the garden more eye-soothing!

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