How to store a backpack leaf blower – 12 best storage ideas

How to store a backpack leaf blower? From the dawn of civilization, man has invented various tools only to provide comfort and make life much easier. A backpack leaf blower is such a tool to sweep the fallen leaves from your lawn by dint of airpower. 

Sometimes, thoughts of cleaning the lawn or garden give you a panic attack. But if you have a backpack leaf blower, then there is nothing to be worried about. This ideal tool works efficiently and quickly like magic. Though it will provide you with invaluable tools to clean the falling stuff, you may face trouble storing it due to its size.

If you have this magic tool but are wondering how to store a backpack leaf blower, this article is for you. I will provide you some easy and tricky ideas to store your backpack leaf blower. 

How to store a backpack leaf blower – Storage Ideas

The backpack leaf blower is one of the most common and widely used tools to clean the falling stuff of your lawn or garden.

While using gasoline or gas-powered leaf blower, it’s risky to keep it near the house. That’s why storage is a critical issue to maintain safety. It will be wise if you store your blower in an outhouse or your garage. 

To make the best use of your space, I have come with some easy tricks and tips to store your beloved leaf blower. Let’s have a look!

1. Heavy-duty Hooks Installation 

It’s easy to install and hang your blower on the wall. As backpack leaf blowers are lightweight and designed compactly, they are commonly seen to hang on the hooks.

But regular hooks can’t carry the weight of your blower; that’s why you have to ensure heavy-duty hooks that are suitable to hang.

2. Installation of Cradle hook

As this hook is curve-shaped and composed of solid materials, so you need not worry about dislodging. You can easily hang them at a greater height which ensures the safety of your pets and children.

3. Wall Shelving Installation

Not only your backpack leaf blower, but you can also keep all your necessary tools on the shelves. It is the most versatile solution to make the best use of your space on your wall.

4. Having a Ceiling Storage

There may be no space in your garage or outhouse or even in the wall. In that case, you may utilize your roof as a storage of your backpack leaf blower. The ceiling is one of the storing places while you can make use of it. 

If you use your blower infrequently, it will be wise to store it in the upright position of the roof. It is more convenient and has no chance of collision with other objects. 

You only have a hook to hang your backpack leaf blower from your ceiling. You can use a pull-rope to lower and raise your blower according to your need.

5. DIY Garage-shelf Construction

The garage is the best palace that provides enough space to store your blower and other massive tools. You can hire a carpenter to customize your shelves.

If you want to avoid making investments, you can buy a metal rack or hardwood shelves. A metal rack will provide you with strong, durable, and spacious storage for your blower in the garage.

6. Installation of Wall-mounted rack

Suppose you like to have a well-organized and refreshed garage. In that case, installing the wall-mounted rack is the perfect solution. A wall-mounted rack is suitable for storing seasonal decor, backpack leaf blower, shovels, bi-cycle, and other multiple large items. Obviously, your blower remains secured and safe in the wall-mounted rack.

7. Installation of Corner shelf

Any tools or objects can make a sudden collision with the backpack leaf blower. So, a corner is a perfect place to keep your blower secured. You can install a corner shelf in your garage or the outhouse to avoid collisions.

8. Construction of storage shed

If you have enough space in your house, then you can construct a shed. This type of shed customization is so easy. So, Why late? It can help you store all your garden tools and a backpack leaf blower, and other outdoor equipment. The shed provides protection for all of your tools.

9. Rack Installation below the workbench

If there is a shortage of space to store any tools and you have an extensive and long workbench, then you can utilize it. Your workshop will provide an excellent storage facility with safety to the leaf blower.

10. Installation of premade rack

If you prefer a simple, sleek, and landscaping tool, then you can install a premade best backpack blower rack. There is no stress for lifting as it has access to ground level.

How to store a backpack leaf blower

11. A strand trimmer hanger installation

Suppose you like to install in a minute and find a cost-effective method. In that case, you can follow the strand trimmer hanger installation method. It saves your money as well as provides safety to your blower.

12. Long-term Storage

For long-lasting usage, any type of power tool requires proper maintenance. Basically, a backpack leaf blower is a seasonal tool that you use infrequently. That’s why you have to provide a long-term storage facility for this blower. You have to maintain basic cleaning and check up the engine properly.


The following cautions you have to maintain for long-term storage. For easy access, keep them handy. Don’t keep your blower too high to reach when necessary.

  • Keep your blower free from debris and dust, moreover must ensure safety.
  • You have to allow your backpack leaf blower to become cool after using it while you are packing. 
  • You should keep your blower neither on the floor nor the overhead rack.
  • You have to maintain the fuel to use your backpack leaf blower.

Final Thoughts

For well work out, having some tricky storage ideas are ubiquitous. You can follow any of these methods to store your backpack leaf blower. Most of the ways are easy to install, inexpensive, and effective. Also, you can use a garden tool organizer to manage your gardening stuff.

Hope you have gathered a clear concept on how to store a backpack leaf blower. So, why are you late? Choose the best one which you prefer and store your backpack leaf blower properly.

Have a clean lawn or garden and stay healthy!

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