Electric vs Gas Edger: Which is better? Explained!

Electric vs gas edger: which is better? Is gas edger better than electric? Here, we will describe them in detail to know which one is perfect according to the conditions. 

We need many different types of tools for lawn care and maintenance, including versatile and indispensable lawn edgers. These tools create essential boundaries in a yard, separating grassy land from the paths, driveways, sidewalks, and gardens, stopping encroachment, and progressing aesthetics.

Lawn edgers may have different types of fueling systems. Some of them are fueled by gas, and some are fueled by electricity. For this crucial difference, each tool shows a difference in its qualities and capabilities. But both of them have both advantages and disadvantages in different situations. To know which one is perfect according to the conditions, we need to know about gas edgers and electric edgers. Here, we will describe them in detail.  

Gas Lawn Edger

Gas Lawn Edger

Gas-generated lawn edgers are a potent tool. It is a heavy-duty machine that designs to manage more extensive, more challenging yards. While most edgers are handheld or wheeled, they provide a robust vertical blade that can cut down into the grasses. Gas-powered lawn edger offers an impressive depth and width while making boundaries.

Despite having a large size, gas-powered lawn edgers can work with great accuracy and precision. Though they are not handheld, they have wheels that ensure more stability. With the help of these edgers, you can get straighter, more consistent lines. The power of the gas edger engine measures in cubic centimeters (cc). Most of the gas edger engine’s power stays between 20cc to 150 or 5 to 7 foot-pounds of torque.

Gas edgers come with either a two or four-cycle engine. Gas and oil need to mix manually in a two-cycle engine. On the other hand, the four-cycle motor can mix gas and oil automatically, and these machines are larger and sometimes quite pricey.

Pros of gas lawn edger:

  • Power: Gas-fueled machines are mighty, and they can produce an impressive ability to cut edges in the soil.
  • Accuracy and precision: These types of edgers are allowed for uniform depth.
  • Reliability: You do not need to wait for charging batteries or find an outlet; you need just a tank of gas to power it up.
  • Doubles as a trencher: Some gas-fueled edgers can reach greater depth with the help of their large blade known as trenching.

Cons of gas lawn edger: 

  • Size: For being a heavy-duty machine, most gas lawn edgers are heavy, and large, and acquire more space during the store.
  • Pollution: Gas edgers are louder than electric edgers may cause sound pollution, and emit harmful gas into the air.
  • Price: Gas-fueled edgers are more expensive compared to electric-powered edgers.

Electric Lawn Edger

Electric Lawn Edger

Electric edgers are suitable for small or medium size lawns. The electric edger is easy to use, and it sacrifices a bit of power for increasing its portability. Instead of a blade, electric edgers don’t come with a blade; it offers nylon wicks that spin very quickly and churn up the soil of the selected area.

Two types of electric edgers are available in the market, one is corded, and another is battery-powered. A corded electric edger is the cheaper of these two types, but it requires access to an outlet to get a power supply. Their manufacturers do not recommend connecting extra cords, so you have to measure the built-in cord against the size of the areas of your lawn. On the other hand, cordless lawn edgers contain a rechargeable battery that provides power to the edger’s motor. Most cordless edgers include 20W to 60W batteries that can provide 30 minutes to 1-hour runtimes.

Most companies that sell battery-powered lawn edgers may sell other gardening tools that accommodate the same battery, so you can easily use the same battery in different tools as needed.

Pros of electric lawn edgers:

  • Portability: Electric edgers are leaner and lighter than gas edgers. These edgers are handheld, and it comes with an ergonomic, very comfortable handle and shafts. They also require small storage.
  • Affordable price: Electric lawn edgers come at an affordable price, cheaper than gas-powered edgers. However, their batteries may come with a moderately high price tag.
  • Eco-friendly: Eco-conscious Customers can embrace electric lawn edgers because they are not so noisy or don’t cause air pollution through the gases.
  • Doubles as a trimmer: Most electric lawn edgers offer a rotating head to use as a trimmer for cutting back grasses and weeds horizontally.

Cons of electric lawn edgers:

  • Limited runtime:  Electric lawn edgers may run only 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on their size and the job type and require a vast amount of time to fully charge their battery.
  • Lack of power: Electric lawn edgers may have to struggle during working in areas that have never been tended and in those areas where there are thick brush and sticks.

Electric vs Gas Edger: Which is better?

Electric vs Gas Edger

From the above description, we can easily understand that both edgers can be an effective tools for you, depending on the situation. Both of the edgers have some benefits and some drawbacks as well. For this reason, which one will be better will depend on your working type.

If you consider the power of both types of edgers, the gas-powered model will be much more powerful than the electric one. Therefore, a gas-powered lawn edger will be the better option if you have a large lawn with complex lawns. A gas-powered edger will provide you with heavy-duty working service in a limited area.

On the other hand, if you consider the portability of your edger and you have a small or medium lawn, a battery-powered electric edger will be the best option for you. This type of electric lawn edger is always ready to go anywhere when you are ready. You just have to unplug it from the wall and press the start button to start the engine. Then you can begin edging your lawn immediately.


At last, we can say that the answer to the question “Electric vs Gas Edger: Which is better?” depends on one’s work requirements. So, choose the edger according to the type of your work. 

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