4 Best Riding Lawn Mower Baggers for Catching Grass Easily

Are you looking for the best riding lawn mower baggers for your machine? Then you have come to the right place. After performing field testing, comparisons, and professional analysis, we have prepared a selection list of the best lawn mowers in the market. 

Though riding lawnmowers isn’t a small investment, they are an effective purchase for many homeowners. This style of lawnmower offers you to take care of your lawn or yard in less time and makes it enjoyable. Instead of pushing the tool around your yard by hand, you can simply sit back to have a drink and operate the machine by using these nice riding mowers.

There are some types of riding mowers including lawn tractors, which are used for many tasks, and zero-turn mowers, which mostly have large decks and revolve on a dime. Moreover, there’s the option between eco-friendly electric models and traditional gas-powered mowers- both of them have their excellence. So, it’s certainly a matter of which will adjust to your requirement.

What to Look for buying a Riding Lawn Mower Bagger?

You have to look at some features before buying a riding lawn mower bagger which are given as follows-

The right size for the job

Normally, if your lawn is larger and mostly open, you will need a riding lawn mower that has a generous cutting width. On the other hand, if there are huge barriers like bushes and trees, it will be helpful to pick a riding lawn mower that is small enough to go through the tightest passage.

Power source

The power source is one of the most important factors that you need to consider before buying a riding lawnmower. One of the first decisions should be whether it is a gas or electric-powered lawnmower. Gas-powered mowers are normally more powerful, but they are less eco-friendly, louder, and take more maintenance. On the other hand, electric mowers are ideally less powerful with a shorter run time, but they are eco-friendly, easy to start, and quiet. Now, choose one of them, which one is the best for you.

Deck size

Deck size is another important factor to look back at before purchasing a riding lawnmower. The deck size of a lawnmower indicates how wide a path it can cut, larger decks can cut broader paths on each pass. The 30 and 60-inch deck size is suggested for most homeowners. Larger decks are perfect for lawns having few barriers and turns, whereas smaller decks will be perfect when you mow around garden beds or trees.

Grass clipping

Never forget to look at how the lawnmower handles grass clippings. Few tools normally spit clippings back out onto your lawn, while others can bag or mulch the cut grass. Now, it totally depends on how you prefer to manage your clippings.


Choose a bagger made from durable materials that can resist constant wear and tear. Baggers should be made with sturdy frames and weather-resistant material, for example, polypropylene is durable and offer continuous use.

Choose heavy-duty bag materials that won’t rip or tear easily as bagger attachment is required to retain the grass and leaves except for leaking. Bagger attachments including polyester mesh collection bags provide airflow during collecting dust. Moreover, Better attachment hastens bagger capacity which is always advantageous.

Choosing a transmission

Hydrostatic transmission riding lawn mower is much easier to operate than a manual lawn tractor. You need to stop the tractor every time you change the gears for using manual transmission. But hydrostatic transmission offers you seamless adjustment during driving.

There are two types of hydrostatic transmission solutions. One is comfort, pick a tractor with a pedal-operated transmission, where separate pedals manage speed and direction for forwarding and backward movement. Another is the lever-operated hydrostat, it is on the fender along with simple to access from the driver’s position.

Best Riding Lawn Mower Bagger

Let’s have a look at the 4 best riding lawn mower baggers for all types of yards. 

1. MTD Double Bagger for Riding Lawn Mowers

MTD Double Bagger is a suitable option for your 42-inch riding lawn mower, designed to last and made with a sturdy steel frame that is strong and durable. This bagger tool is quite simple to load and upload.

Bagging assists to cheer up lawn growth by confining thatch from building up. A bagger helps to naturally manage lawn disease and cheer up new grass growth, including weed control and natural crabgrass. It also helps hasten to curb petitions on your lawn.

While you bag your grass clippings, you make a crisp outlook with defined striping, no grass clumps left behind, and contain less possibility to spread to flower beds and vegetable gardens. Bagging your clippings is a vast time saver. It is speedier than raking and you won’t need to mow as often as mulching.

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  • Light loading tight weave polyester bags
  • Optimized airflow and venting for minimized clogging
  • Simple open lid and integrated bag straps for unloading yard clippings
  • 6.5-bushel capacity 
  • Having two rugged bags for collecting grass cuttings and mulch
  • Top hinged hood
  • Flex tubing for increased proficiency
  • Fits most Troy-Bilt and Yard Machines, Cub Cadet, Huskee, Bolens, and Craftsman riding mowers
  • Size: 42×46 inch
  • Dimension: 37×25×18 inches
  • Weight: 22 pounds


  • The flex tubing offers you a visual of the grass flow
  • The top hood gives you no need to flip the seat up when emptying. 
  • Minute window in the hood to know while the bags are getting filled.
  • Large capacity 
  • Excellent bagging system 
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Easy to disconnect if needed
  • Easy to empty
  • Easy installation 
  • Collects tons of shit and grass


  • The plastic housing above the bags is a little poor.
  • It can’t work well with wet grass.

Therefore, MTD double bagger is an excellent lawn mower because of its amazing features and performance.  

2. Arnold OEM-190-180A Twin Bagger

The Arnold OEM Twin Bagger Kit may be attached to most 42-inch riding lawn mowers which makes it highly versatile. It’s also efficiently and pretty built, and very affordable. If you wish your outdoor power equipment will last longer and do more, you can want Arnold parts, attachments, and accessories.

Arnold parts will keep all your equipment in the best possible shape ensuring a broad variety of hassle-free and top-quality products. It is compatible with tons of major bands, and having 50+ years of verified performance has made it a repetitive cutting-edge product innovation as well as wide engineering expertise. 

Arnold has everything to keep equipment running the way it should season after season from basic maintenance to major innovations. You can be confident of a reliable product with exact fit, construction, design, and material. Additionally,  it’s easy to follow the instructions and more tips will loosen your equipment maintenance and ensure to do the right job.

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  • 6.5-bushel capacity 
  • Two nylon bags
  • Light loading tight weave polyester bags
  • Integrated bag straps for easy dumping
  • Includes hood, chute, hardware, and mounting brackets
  • Optimized airflow and venting for minimized clogging 
  • Bagging saves raking time, offers quick clean-up, and promotes a healthier lawn 
  • Dimension: 41.26×24.49×20 inches
  • Weight: 26.8 pounds


  • The attachment process is easy
  • Optimized for airflow and venting for minimized clogging 
  • Saving the time and trouble of being emptied often
  • Fitting with multiple brands of lawn mowers 
  • Get customer service 
  • Outstanding working performance 
  • Easy to install 
  • Value for money product 


  • Easy clogging while used on wet lawns
  • Not suitable adjustment for older mower

In a nutshell, the Arnold OEM-190-180A Twin bagger Kit is an outstanding tool for all types of lawns apart from older mowers only.

3. Poulan Pro 46-INCH Riding Lawn Mower Bagger

This Poulan Pro double mower bagger is really as excellent as the larger units we have looked at above and it attracts you because of its affordable price. Poulan Pro tractors, mowers, blowers, tillers, chainsaws, and trimmers give the latest and greatest features at an industry-leading price.

It offers the best value to homeowners or gardeners in the marketplace ensuring quality, performance, power, and durability that is expected by every customer. Its features and affordable price make it an attractive purchase to consumers.

It provides a full array of parts and accessories to make up for your every need. Poulan customers have the insurance of a top-notch service and assistance network to turn whenever service is required. The power of a gas-powered 3-cycle handheld will offer you to get an excellent-looking lawn in the neighborhood. Moreover, it can fit all 46- inch decks and is not compatible with zero-turn mowers.

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  • Durable steel frame 
  • Simple loading and unloading 
  • Robust polypropylene bags
  • Dimension: 39×24.84×25.98 inches
  • Weight: 19.9 pounds


  • Workable with most riding lawn mowers with a 46″ deck
  • Including connecting hardware
  • It is very easy to connect the mower and empty it after use
  • Easy to empty
  • Easy installation 
  • Lightweight bags
  • Compatible with most models of lawn tractors


  • Rubber gasket Sometimes may cause issues

Therefore,  this is an outstanding lawnmower that fills all your expectations at an affordable price.

4. Husqvarna H34648SL 3-Bin Bagger

The Husqvarna H34648SL 3 bin, 9-bushel bagger fits Husqvarna 46″ and 48′ lawn mowers including stamped decks. The improved airflow maximizes bag capability when the full bag indicator lets know while the bag is full. Besides, built-in handles offer easy disposal.

You can make your lawn look primitive with this Husqvarna 3-bin lawn tractor bagger. This is perfect for tractors having a 46 or 48-inch cutting deck that saves time and work by completing and unloading some bushels of clippings at a time.

The bagger contains an easy-glide design with built-in handles for simple clipping disposal, and its features developed airflow resulting in fuller bags. The feature has the extra benefit of becoming a beneficial cleaning machine while also being simply accessible.

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  • Fits with only Husqvarna 46″ and 48″ lawn tractors with stamped decks
  • 3 bin and 9-bushel soft-sided bagger with durable, polyester mesh collecting bags
  • A full bag indicator helps to know when the bag is full
  • Built-in handles offer easy disposal
  • The top is made for improved airflow that provides fuller bags
  • Used with or without lawn bags
  • Coller handle and straps allow for easy dumping 
  • Fit mower deck size 46/48
  • Dimension: 49×27×25 inches
  • Weight: 27.2 pounds


  • Take less space in the garage
  • Easy to empty
  • The bags are much larger 
  • Perfect fit, easy to unload
  • Good performance 
  • Works great


  • Sometimes, its clogs constantly  

Therefore, Husqvarna H34648SL might be the other best option for you because of its good performance, some excellent key features like a durable polyester mesh collecting system, built-in handle, collar handle, straps, etc. Fits with only Husqvarna 46 and 48-inch lawn tractors are only one drawback.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions will help you use lawn mower baggers.

Do Lawn Mower Baggers Work?

Are you planning on attaching a bag to your lawnmower? If yes, you will find out lawn mower baggers really work. To work on a lawn properly, you must follow two conditions properly. They are- sunny sky and not moist grass. Trimming your lawn on a sunny day will help the dried grasses to bag properly. A bagger will save you time while you mow a large area at a time.

Can You Add A Bag To A Lawn Mower?

Fortunately, yes. You can add a bag to a lawnmower. But not every lawnmower has the feature to add an extension. Usually, the push mowers and the riding mowers have the feature. So, before buying a lawnmower, check if it has the feature. Before adding a bag to your mower, read the instructions for putting the bag. If it is not installed properly, the blades can get clogged.

Again, unwanted incidents can happen if overfilled, and your lawnmower might be slowed down. Therefore, check the bag capacity and frequently trim the lawn rather than longer gaps for working without any tension.

Are Lawn Mower Baggers Interchangeable?

In most cases, the manufacturer companies also make bags for the mower to attach. Other than the specific brands, the baggers don’t fit. For example, a Craftsman Triple bagger doesn’t fit a Cub Cadet riding lawnmower. But in the market, you can get plenty of other mowers which can use with the bags manufactured by any company. Such as:

Craftsman baggers can be used in mowers manufactured by Husqvarna. Likewise, MTD baggers fit Toro, Poulan, Ariens, Brute, Murray, and Weed Eater. So now, all you need to do is to ask the staff at the store whether you can use the bag with your lawnmower or not.

What Does A Bagger Do On A Lawn Mower?

The lawnmower bagger collects the grass clippings. The grasses get stored in the bag instead of lying on the ground using the airflow of the blades. To save the gardener from doing extra work, the bagger collects all of them.

The lawnmower with a bagger needs a specific type of cutting blade. When the blades run over grasses, it cuts the clippings of the grass. The airflow of the blade propeller pushes the grass into a collection chute that leads to the collecting bag.

However, at the beginning of the article, you should mow the dry leaves because wet leaves can get stuck in the chute. Again, if the grasses are too long, they can get stuck in the propeller blade. That’s why you are recommended to mow frequently.

As you can see, lawnmower baggers can be a lot of help to you if you can use them properly. With a properly installed bagger, the work after mowing for you will help your behalf.

We hope that you will try using the baggers. And if anyone asks you- do lawn mower baggers work? We are hoping that you can answer the question yourself.

Final Verdict

In our expert opinion- The units above are the very best lawn mower baggers you can get excellent effectiveness, hassle-free installation, and rugged, long-lasting construction quality.

You should choose the right product based on your requirements such as the size of the lawn, which power source you want, deck size, and how durable the product is. In our perspective, Arnold OEM- is the best option for cutting grass, especially for performance, great design, long-lasting, and compatibility( compatible with 50+ bands). 

On the other hand, if you want an overall value-for-money product, then Poulan pro is another excellent option. That’s not mean that the other two products on our list are any less. Every product on the list is great containing its advantages and drawbacks as well. So, please pick one of them according to your demand.

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