Best Weed and Feed for Bermuda Grass

My friend has a golf playground. Some days before leaving my home, he noticed that I had maintained a ground of weed-free Bermuda grass. So he became surprised and asked me to tell him about the secret of maintaining such beautiful ground with green Bermuda grass. His time was limited. So he told me to recommend some best weed and feed for bermuda grass, which would be the best for his golf playground. 

Choosing the best weed and feed is very difficult, especially if you’re a beginner. There are lots of things that need to be considered before selecting the best one for your lawn. Here I have listed the 5 best fertilizers (weed killer and fertilizer at a time) for Bermuda grass through a real user, comprehensive market study, analyzing thousands of customer reviews and feedback. 

5 Best Weed and Feed for Bermuda Grass

Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed3

Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed3 weed killer kills all the existing weeds, feeds and makes your lawn thicken. My uncle is a new homeowner, and every day, he was getting about 35 dandelions shot up every morning and was tired of pulling them manually. And then he found Scotts turf builder weed and feed3.

He applied it the first week of June, and 3 weeks later, the grass was dark enough. Surprisingly, it did 0 damage to the grass. So it becomes his secret nuclear weapon for his garden.

It plays a double role as a fertilizer and weed killer. While crowding out future weeds helps grow deeper, stronger roots for a thick green lawn.

By utilizing the WeedGrip Technology, this weed killer and lawn fertilizer grip onto and kill the weeds you see and don’t. It kills around 50 listed weeds, such as dandelion, clover, plantain, and so on.

It will bring better results if you use it during the daytime when temperatures will consistently be between 60°F and 90°F.

My uncle recommended a Scotts spreader to apply this product. It requires a setting of 3 ½ if you use Scotts broadcast or Rotary spreaders. But if you use Scotts drop spreaders, a setting of 5 is required.

Watering your lawn within 24 hours of application will be harmful to it. And make sure that there is no possibility of rain within 24 hours after application.

Applying to Augustine grass like Dichondra, Lippia, Carpetgrass, and so on must bring a bad result. One 14.29 Ib. The bag of Scotts covers around 5,000 sq. ft.

You do not have to mow the lawn first. Do not cut the grass the day after applying the weed and feed. If you want, cut the grass for a few days or wait a few days after applying.

One more reminder is that it is not pet friendly. One of my friends, the former president of his state’s pest control association, also confirmed that it is not pet friendly.

Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed3

BioAdvanced 5 in-1 Weed and Feed  

BioAdvanced 5 in 1 Weed and Feed kills tough weeds, prevents new weeds, and even kills large crabgrass. My brother says it will start showing results within 3 months after using it. When he used it in his garden for the first time, he decided to buy it again. It kills all the existing weeds, and he has seen no weeds in his garden.

It is also applicable for Fescue, Bermuda grass, Buffalograss, Kentucky Bluegrass, Ryegrass Seashore Paspalum, and Zoysia grass. But it is not safe for centipede turf types. This innovative formula kills over 200 weeds, including dandelions, clovers, etc. Even it kills Poa Annua and Thistle.

It contains four proven weed killers to kill the growing crabgrass from the root. The eye-catching sign of fruitfully working is that the crabgrass turns purple within 3 days. It also prevents new weeds for up to 6 months!

As it is both a preventer and a killer, you will get a better result after applying once. It contains 0.818% 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid; 0.419% Quinclorac; 0.073% Dicamba; 0.240% Dithiopyr.

The fertilizer’s N-P-K ratio is 22-0-4 – the proportion of three plant nutrients in order: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K).

It has 22% slow-release Nitrogen that releases within 1 month, and it contains 4% of potassium but 0% of phosphorus. If your grass needs phosphorus, then it does not apply to you. It will cover up to 4,000 square feet. Perfect times for application of BioAdvance are spring, early summer, and fall. It will work well enough from 50°F – 90°F. But for Bermudagrass, the required temperature shouldn’t be above 85°F.

My brother recommends keeping pets out of the grass area when applying until the product has been watered in and completely dried. You have to water in with ¼-1/2 inch of water after exactly 24 hours. After being completely dried, the grass is safe for pets’ reentry.

The major drawback to the product is that it must have some chemical odor, and it stays for a couple of days or more. My brother suggested not spilling it by hand. Use it through a spreader so there will be no chance of destroying the lawn.

BioAdvanced 5 in-1 Weed and Feed  

Pennington UltraGreen Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer

 This fertilizer’s most attractive feature is that it will quickly make the grass green. Pennington 100536600 UltraGreen Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer, 12.5 LBS, is the best seed my father has used. His grass hasn’t looked good for many years. He has tried many things, but something else would work better for his grass. Then I recommended this.

And after getting the result, he decided to use it always in the future. This product is definitely a great value for money. Sometimes it gets too expensive, so check different marketplaces before buying one. It kills 250 broadleaf weeds, including dandelion, henbit, dollar weed, white clover, plantain, chickweed, and many more.

I have tried so many products on my grass, but the grass hasn’t looked good in years. Being hopeless, I tried it. And I was surprised. Now for the first time, I have grass that looks great.

It has fast-acting Nitrogens for lush green plant growth and slow-release Nitrogen for extended feeding for up to 3 months. And it has 5% iron, which will make your lawn deep and dark green. A packet of 12.5 pounds covers up to 5,000 SQ. FT.

My brother told me he applied it a few days before it rained. After it rained and got dry out, he cut it. This product is suitable for use on Northern and Southern grasses. I won’t recommend it for Floratam St. Augustine grass.

The perfect application time is late spring or between April and June, especially when weeds are actively growing. It works in Summer as well. One of my close friends informed me that he was tingling with weeds retrying to overtake his grass, which worked well. It is better for Zoysia grass but won’t work on Bahia Grass. But it kills Spurge and CrabGrass.

Pennington Weed & Feed

PREEN-2164157-18lb One LawnCare Weed & Feed

My aunt used it in his garden and recommended that I use it on my lawn. Because my lawn is about 90% weeds. I used it, and it worked amazingly well.

I always use it after the rainfall because the grass gets wet and takes 2 applications. And the tougher weeds are dying finally. I think one more application will kill the rest of the weeds.

I wish I had taken it before. The grass becomes imaginable. It covers 5000 sq. ft. I applied it when weeds were growing. It should be applied when the grass is wet from dew or rain.

Applying to dry lawns will bring a poor result. I prefer watering the lawn after 48 hours and mowing for 3 days after application. Ensure that your children and pet will only play or do something like that on the lawn within 48 hours of application. It has been trusted as a weed controller since 1966. 1 application will cover 3 treatments of your lawn.

Firstly it blocks crabgrass. Someone can apply up to 4 weeks after crabgrass emerges. Secondly, it kills dandelions and most lawns and 250 weeds ( including chickweed, thistle, and clover, and will prevent crabgrass and other undesirable annual grasses from emerging to the root. It is also applicable to Buffalo grass.

And thirdly, It will nourish your lawn feeds evenly for 8 weeks without reapplying. It is a zero phosphorus formula. If there is insufficient phosphorus in the grass, then it is not suitable for you.

The perfect season for application is spring, when weeds are growing. It will help you get season-long weed control and feeding without the extra effort of multiple applications. Helpful for eliminating lawn weeds and greening your lawn as well. It is also applicable to Buffalo grass.

Preen Weed & Feed

5. GreenView Weed & Feed – 39 lb.

 GreenView Weed & Feed – 39 Ib. – Covers 15000 sq. ft. and is one of the best weed killers. I have used it so many times in my grass. Though it took a few weeks, it killed some tough weeds like field bindweed and burdock.

The grass is green and still growing after using this fertilizer. It will take more than 1 week, and it will start showing mind-blowing results. I bought a second one to use in my garden, and it killed the rest of the weeds.

Mostly it will cover two kinds of stuff. Firstly, it helps lawns retain water to protect against heat & drought. Secondly, it speeds up root growth to improve nutrient absorption.

This applies to two types of grass: cool-season and warm-season grasses. Kentucky Bluegrass, Fine Fescue, Tall Fescue, and Perennial Ryegrass are cool-season grasses. Bahiagrass, St. Augustinegrass, Common Bermudagrass, hybrid Bermudagrass, Zoysiagrass, Centipedegrass, and Colonial Bentgrass are warm-season grasses.

Serious lawn injury will result if you use it on St. Augustinegrass in Florida (flora tam) or on dichondra and carpetgrass as serious. It kills & controls 250+ broadleaf weeds, including dandelion, clover, plantain, creeping charlie, dollar weed, ground ivy, henbit, thistle, chickweed, etc.

I applied it when the lawn was moist from heavy dew, rain, or water for the best results. The particles of the product will stick to the broadleaf weed leaves to be effective.

Spring and early fall is the perfect season for application while listed broadleaf weeds are growing. But do not apply it over 85 degrees.

Remember one thing: don’t apply in turf areas under trees. Because the exposed tree’s roots will be there, and damage will occur.

We can call it a proprietary slow-release Nitrogen formulation that feeds the lawn for up to 8 weeks. It is also a zero phosphate formulation, and zero phosphate formulation promotes clean waterways.

It protects the lawn against stress from heat and drought as well as boosts grassroots so the lawn can be able to retain water properly.

GreenView Weed & Feed

Things to consider while buying a weed and feed for Bermuda grass

Choosing a perfect weed and feed for your lawn would be a tough task while so many weeds and feeds are available in the market.

You can choose a random product for your lawn, but you can’t say that it will ensure a healthy lawn ground for you. So for a healthy and dark green lawn, you must choose a suitable product.

You may have tried so many times but failed. But this time, I’m here to assist you in choosing the best weed and feed for your lawn.

Bermudagrass Fertilizer Needs

Bermudagrass is a summer-season grass that starts to grow for the year from late spring to summer. Like other grasses, it benefits from at least three fertilizer or feed and lawn applications per year. The below table illustrates the best lawn and feed schedule for Bermudagrass, including the best fertilizers to spray at different times of the year.

When to fertilize Bermudagrass Nutrient needs during this timeBest fertilizer suggestions during this time
Spring: While grass becomes green after the last probable snow in your area, Normally, AprilLow nitrogenBioAdvance 5 in-1 Weed and Feed
Early Summer: While Grass growth hastens, Normally, JuneHigh Nitrogen Pennington UltraGreen Weed and Feed
Early Fall: Minimum 6 to 8 weeks before the first awaited snow date in your area, normally September Low nitrogen and some potassium PREEN-2164157-18lb One LawnCare Weed & Feed

Bermudagrass usually requires 2 to 4 pounds of nitrogen per 1 thousand square feet each year. Apply this 2 to 4 pounds by 3 spilled at different times. If your yard is lower than 1 thousand square feet, count the nitrogen amount accordingly. Calculate the amount of nitrogen a fertilizer contains by multiplying the nitrogen percentage by the package size.

  • For example, BioAdvance 5 in 1 Weed and feed contains an NPK ratio of 22-0-4, and the package has 9.6 pounds of fertilizer. 
  • Calculation: 22% Nitrogen (0.22)× 9.6 pounds of fertilizer = 2.112 pounds of fertilizer. 

It could be far better to amend your soil by adjusting soil pH because Bermudagrass performs best in the soil with a pH range of 6.0-6.5. If your soil test result says soil pH is higher than this range, you can add sulfur to minimize it, whereas if the result shows pH lower than this range, adjust it by adding lime (CaO).

How to Use the NPK Ratio?

The user guide for using the NPK ratio the get the best result:

  • Nitrogen (N): The first number of NPK ratio indicates the percentage of nitrogen. Nitrogen helps to get a deep green color and hasten speedy growth. Plants require more nitrogen than other nutrients resulting in nitrogen being the highest number in an NPK ratio. 
  • Phosphorus (P): The second number is the phosphorus percentage. Phosphorus encourages healthy root development. But it is also responsible for water pollution, and application is restricted in many states. Therefore, many fertilizers don’t include phosphorus. 
  • Potassium (K): The last number is the percentage of potassium which is excellent for the overall health of the lawn grass.

Your soil naturally has some amount of these plant nutrients already. The soil of your lawn may have a deficiency or excess of a particular nutrient; both conditions hamper the grass’s health. That’s why you need to test your soil before choosing any fertilizer. 

You can apply the fertilizer without testing your soil. But trust me, you get 10 times better results if you test your soil before applying the fertilizer.

Your state’s local university extension provides soil testing services; find out your state’s extension on the National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s land-grant University directory.

The soil test results will inform you of any lacking or excess of any nutrient, including the three NPK and other micronutrients. The soil test results suggest the best NPK ratio for your lawn. 

Application Type

Both slow-release and quick-release forms of fertilizer, weed and feed are available for purchase. Liquid feeds and weeds are always water-soluble, quick-release products that plants can absorb quickly, usually within a month. A granular, polymer-coated packaging is used to sell non-soluble, slow-release weed and feed. The product progressively releases nutrients as it degrades, which the plant can absorb as needed.

Slow-release chemicals can take three months to completely degrade, enabling fewer applications. This reduces the possibility of burning plants due to too much nitrogen being fed too rapidly. Numerous weed and feed products combine slow and fast release, swiftly suppressing weeds while gradually feeding the plant. This improves general rigor, lessening the possibility of opportunistic weeds intruding.

FQAs About Weed and Feed for Bermuda Grass

What Is Bermuda grass, and does it have any health benefits?

Bermuda grass is a light green grass that is popular in warmer climates. Bermuda grass is a great option if you are looking for grass for your garden.

But before planting Bermuda grass, ensure you live in the right climate. Bermuda grass does well in tropical regions such as the United States, South America, Australia, Africa, and India.

Consider planting various grasses if you live in a northern region or one prone to freezing temperatures or drought. There are more expensive hybrid varieties of Bermuda grass that are resistant to winter.

Bermuda grass has valuable medicinal properties. It can play an important role in keeping the human body healthy and strong. Beneficial in hemorrhage, bleeding from cuts or injuries, hair loss, skin diseases, dental diseases, and dysentery.

What is the best fertilizer for Bermuda in hot weather?

Scotts Turf Builder Southern Lawn Food is invented to boost healthy growth during extreme heat and drought. So it is perfect for grasses in hot weather that grow in the south, such as Bermuda.

How to use fertilizer on grass?

Good watering is essential for a few days before you feed your lawn. Pick the best spreader to feed your lawn.

Two types of spreaders are available; broadcast and drop. As each product requires a spreader setting before application. So be careful about adjusting the spreader setting.

When should you put weed and feed in Bermuda?

Apply weed and feed on Bermuda while it is growing actively. Wait to water after application and ensure there is no possibility of rain within 24 hours of application.

What is the N-P-K ratio?

The N-P-K ratio refers to the ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. A fertilizer for Bermuda grass will have an N-P-K. For example, an N-P-K ratio of 4-1-2 contains 4% Nitrogen, 1% Phosphorus, and 2% Potassium. This is a great ratio for Bermuda grass.

How do I keep my Bermuda grass green?

You must water your Bermuda grass profoundly and occasionally, at least twice a week. Bermuda grass can manage hot and dry conditions very well. It requires the least amount of water to keep it green and healthy. Even after rainfall, water your lawn about 1 inch per week.

How do you thicken Bermuda grass?

First of all, mowing is very important. Mow the lawn closer. Maintain 4-1-2 fertilizer while feeding your lawn. Ensure application of pre-emergent weed herbicide as well as post-emergent on visible weeds. Air your lawn and ensure lawn disease treatment.

What season is best for weed and feed?

Spring and fall are the best seasons. Weed & Feed products will be more effective if you apply them while weeds are small and actively growing. Ensure your lawn emerges from dormancy and that you have mowed your lawn twice before application.

Final Verdict 

There are so many weeds and feeds available in the market. But before buying any of them, you must ensure which is best and suitable for your lawn. If you want a thicker lawn and belong to a hot weather area, then Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed 3 is preferable for your lawn. On the other hand, if you are having problems killing tough weeds and large crabgrass and preventing new weeds, then BioAdvance 5 in-1 weed and feed is for you. For making your lawns green quickly, I prefer Pennington. GreenView Weed & Feed makes your lawn green as well. Preen is also for green lawns, but the special feature of this fertilizer is it is also applicable to buffalo grass.

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