Straight Shaft vs Curved Shaft Trimmer: Which Suits You Best?

One of the most crucial and necessary instruments for lawns to improve the appearance of your yard is a string trimmer. Different types and models are available at local lawn care companies, and these trimmers offer both straight shafts and curved shafts. You are informed that the working process of both types is almost the same but differs in some working systems and some other mechanical irreverence. So, it needs to clear your concepts on straight shaft vs curved shaft trimmers and which trimmer is better from your perspective and which suits you best and your lawn as well.

Straight Shaft vs Curved Shaft Trimmer

This article will give you the very basic information, pros and cons, and differentiation of both kinds. So, let’s go…

Straight Shaft Trimmers:

The rod of the straight shaft trimmers extends the reach in a straight line from the power source to the head, and it is longer than the curved shaft, which is ideal for commercial purposes. It is preferable for taller people, which could save some back pain with extended use. Straight-shaft trimmers will generate more torque because a level driveline will produce less vibration and lower gear reduction. So it is comfortable for long working hours. It is much more flexible and attachment-capable and has more torque and power; that’s why homeowners can fit the cutting head with various string gauges.

Straight Shaft vs Curved Shaft Trimmer


  • Heavy-duty tools: A straight-shaft trimmer is more powerful than a curved-shaft trimmer for heavy-duty trimming. You may find many models of straight-shaft trimmers.
  • Versatile options opportunity: It is a machine for versatile applications, and it offers various opportunities to work with different options.
  • Reduced vibration: It has more torque, and its weight is heavy, so vibration is reduced, and it remains less.
  • Changeable heads: Some straight-shaft models allow you to change heads.


  • Expensive: It has an extended shaft that is longer than the curved shaft, so, ordinarily, it is more expensive than the curved shaft.
  • Through debris: A straight shaft trimmer shaft is longer and straight, so it may appear difficult to throw debris.
  • Height adjustment problems for vertically challenged people: A straight shaft is longer, so it feels very uncomfortable for vertically challenged people to adjust their height and may cause back pain.

Curved Shaft Trimmers:

A curved-shaft trimmer has a slight curve on the end and is ideal for small to medium yards. It has a shorter shaft, so it can be beneficial for longer jobs, and it feels well-balanced. You can manage yards that require less heavy-duty trimming more quickly and easily with this design. As it is well balanced, it helps you maneuver in close areas.

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It has a reduced length and weight, so it may be preferable for shorter folks and homeowners who have small to medium yards. Trimming with a curved shaft tends to cost less than trimming with a straight shaft.

Straight Shaft vs Curved Shaft Trimmer


  • Lightweight: It has a shorter shaft, so it is lightweight.
  • Improved control: A curved shaft has an increased control method, especially for people who are vertically challenged.
  • Pocket-friendly: Because of its lightweight and shorter size, it is relatively pocket-friendly, so it needs a small, narrow space.
  • Affordable for homeowners: As we informed you, it is cheaper than a straight shaft, making it affordable for many homeowners.
  • Best for light work: It is ideal for light-work homeowners with a small to medium yard.


  • Reach in the short range: We know that its shaft is shorter than the straight shaft, so its working range is generally short.
  • Hard to keep the head level: It is very hard and unnoticeable work to keep the trimmer head at the same level.
  • Height adjustment problem for tall people: Sometimes, for a long time at work, it may cause adjustment problems for tall people and make them feel uncomfortable, and it may cause back pain.
  • Less torque and cutting power: A curved-shaft trimmer has less torque and less cutting power, and so it causes more vibration problems.
  • Limited options: A curved shaft generally has fewer options than a straight shaft.

Is a curved shaft better than a straight shaft?

The debate between straight-shaft and curved-shaft trimmers remains as present as ever. In this argument, the straight shaft loses its position when it comes to weight and cost. We already mentioned that it has an extended shaft. That’s why it has more weight and feels less balanced than a curved shaft, which is more uncomfortable for shorter people.

On the other hand, curved-shaft trimmers are utilized by homeowners who don’t need them daily. It has a lightweight and well-balanced quality, which provides better maneuverability, so you don’t need to get under too many obstacles. People who are vertically challenged may use a trimmer that is not as tall as they are. In this case, a curved shaft trimmer is perfect. Its price is also low because it is lighter, shorter, and less heavy.

Which suits you best?

A straight-shaft trimmer is preferable for homeowners who require more functional and durable options for professionals. It can provide better durability and power to those who need to pick up trimmers 15 times a day. We all know that time is money, so you want to save much more time. In this case, you can choose a straight shaft without any doubt as it can do the job quickly and finely. You can spend less time bending over for extended reach, which can save you from back pain.

On the contrary, a curved-shaft trimmer is the first choice for homeowners who don’t need to use it daily. It has a lightweight and well-balanced quality, and its maneuvering quality is excellent. You can trim the grass below your cars, other vehicles, furniture, small huts, and so on. You find that you have copious amounts of control. In tighter areas and between posts of the fence, you need to lose some flexibility when you use a curved-shaft trimmer.

The argument summarizes that both trimmers have their benefits and weaknesses. So which one you want to purchase and use largely depends on your intention.

Final thoughts:

Though it is tricky to choose the ideal trimmer from the straight shaft and curved shaft, you have to decide which type of trimmer suits best for you and your lawn from all the high-quality models. So, think over and over before going to purchase a string trimmer.

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