How To Deal With Acorns In Yard In 6 Best Ways

If you enjoy spending time outside but find acorns a nuisance, this article is for you. We’ve compiled a list of how to deal with acorns in yard in six simple ways, and we encourage you to try them all.

If you’re like most people, you have acorns scattered across the ground in your yard. This not only makes for an unsightly yard, but it can also be harmful to the lawn. They litter your yard and property in the fall, and they can even prevent water from penetrating the ground.

Acorn trees, like oak trees, produce acorns that many people dislike or refuse to have in their yards. Fortunately, there are numerous methods for getting rid of acorns. We’ll go over a few of the most popular ones here.

How To Deal With Acorns In Yard In 6 Best Ways

The article discusses six easy ways to get rid of acorns in your yard. The chestnut tree’s outermost nuts are known as acorns. If these nuts are allowed to grow in one’s garden, street, driveway, or lawn, they can cause significant damage. The first step is to rake up any that have fallen on the ground and place them in a bag for later disposal.

Because the diverse oak tree is native to North America, you can’t blame it for dispersing its seeds in the autumn. If you’re sick of picking up acorns in your yard or driveway, here are six ways to get rid of them. Aside from making nutty treats, the humble acorn has a variety of uses.

1. Use a lawn sweeper

The acorn season has started, and if you are anything like me, you are probably noticing the vast number of them on your property. You can spend hours picking up acorns by hand, or you can take a more efficient route by using a lawn sweeper.

Lawn sweepers are pretty cheap to purchase and easy to use. All you have to do is attach it to the front of your lawnmower and collect the acorns as you mow through your yard.

Instead of dealing with the problem in person (which might take hours), use a lawn sweeper to clear away these unwanted pests.

Lawn sweepers are lightweight devices with spinning brushes placed on either side of the machine, front or back.

2. Use a leaf vacuum or a lawn vacuum.

When the weather changes and fall arrives, we frequently deal with acorns. Acorns can be a nuisance because they can get on your clothing and into your vehicle or home. Many people wonder what they should do with their fallen tree leaves and acorns.

If you want to quickly get rid of pesky acorns in your yard, you should consider getting a leaf vacuum or a lawn vacuum. A leaf vacuum or lawn vacuum is an excellent tool for removing pesky acorns from your yard. These tools can quickly suck up acorns and help you take care of your yard much more rapidly.

Using electricity or a battery with these tools will remove the leaves and acorn residue from your yard. However, the unit’s engine must be capable of sucking up acorns from the ground. Make sure the vacuum is big enough to get rid of all the acorns and other debris in one sweep.

It is a quick and easy solution to get rid of acorns in your yard if you have a leaf vacuum or a lawn vacuum. Simply sweep your yard into piles or rows, then use your leaf vacuum to collect all the leaves and acorns.

3. Use a nut gatherer/acorn picker.

If you have an oak tree in your yard, then acorns are bound to be near your home, which can be frustrating for many reasons. Acorns are an annoyance for gardeners and homeowners that often grow into trees. The acorns that fall from the trees in your yard can be a real pain to clean up. 

The acorns are falling like leaves. They’re everywhere – on your grass, on your driveway, and even in your bushes. The only way to get rid of the pesky things is by picking them up one by one, but that can take all day. Fortunately, there’s a handy tool called an acorn picker/nut gatherer that will help you out in an instant. 

Using an acorn picker/nut gatherer is an excellent solution to get rid of acorns in your yards. This way, you won’t have to worry about them falling on your yards or causing other problems. With a nut gatherer/acorn Picker, you can quickly and efficiently get rid of those pesky little acorns so you can spend more time enjoying your yard.

You can find these tools at hardware stores or online for about $30-$50.

4. Use a rake

The acorn problem is not a new issue. The acorn season is upon us, and you might be wondering where all the acorns are coming from. We all know how annoying it is to pick up acorns or leaves off the grass. 

You can use a rake to help get rid of these pesky items, but it doesn’t stop the trees from dropping them in the first place. 

One of the most common places for them to wind up in your yard is under deciduous trees. If you’re tired of raking these tiny leaves, consider using a rake instead to get rid of them. 

Raking them up and bagging them, however, can be tricky. Acorns are large and heavy to carry, and the ground is usually wet and slippery after a rainstorm making it difficult to rake. 

If possible, rake an early morning when there is less dew on the lawn.

5. Lay Down a Tarp

The brown, tan, and gold nuts are everywhere in the yard. The leaves have all fallen to the ground for the winter, so there’s no hiding them with natural fall colors this year. Acorns are a nuisance in most yards, especially if they’re in the way of walking paths or planted flowers. It takes a lot of work to keep your yard clear of pesky and potentially dangerous acorns. With a tarp, you can solve these problems quickly.

Installing a tarp is an inexpensive way to finally get rid of acorns in your yard. A plastic tarp that’s generously cut will cover most yards.

By laying down a tarp under your oak trees to catch the acorns as they fall, you’ll have less of a mess to deal with in your yard.

It also protects your grass and yard from debris such as leaves later in the season. This process is called “sheet mulching.

However, you can prevent them from falling by spreading a thin layer of mulch over the ground. This will keep the soil aerated and excellent for plants, plus it deters animals from coming close to your home.

6. Use a Harvester

Have you already taken a step to get rid of the pesky acorns scattered in your yard? If so, congratulations! You did a great job. But did you know there’s another way to get rid of acorns – by using a harvester? One advantage to using a harvester instead of just sweeping them up is that it leaves the lawn looking nice and clean. It also helps extend the life of your rake, saving you money on that tool.

A harvester is a machine that gathers and compresses large amounts of items into a smaller pile. You can use a harvester to get rid of the many acorns that have fallen in your yard. You can place the harvester within reach of the fallen acorns and turn it on. The blades will start spinning, picking up the acorns from the ground and gathering them together in one spot.

acorn harvester

I’ve seen so many acorns in my yard lately that it’s starting to look like a forest. Even though they’re pretty, the acorns are really annoying because they get stuck under my shoes and can make my car dirty. I’m sick of always having to sweep up leaves every weekend because the acorns keep dropping all over the place. To get rid of them for good, I’m going to try using a harvester.

Why Do You Need To Harvest Acorns?

  • Not only does this keep your yard tidy, but it also helps prevent the spread of leaf diseases on leaves that are left behind by the acorn plant.
  • Acorns are a popular food for squirrels, mice, chipmunks, deer, and other pest animals that nibble on them. The resulting acorn litter on the ground is unsightly and can clog gutters and drainage pipes. 
  • Acorns can be a problem because they often fall on the ground and cause tripping hazards, and they make it tough to do yard work by getting in the way. 
  • If you see one acorn in your yard, be sure to sweep it up or dig it out before more come. 


In conclusion, acorns are a nuisance when they get in your yard, but there are many simple solutions to help you get rid of them. If this is the problem you’re currently facing, I hope these 6 easy ways to get rid of acorns will help. Although, there’s no single solution that is easy to use and effective in removing acorns from your yard. However, If you’re tired of acorns all over your yard, try one of these 6 solutions that will remove them for good!

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