5 Best Hedge Trimmer Attachment for perfect trimming

Are you looking for the best hedge trimmer attachment? You’ll find a proper guide and reviews in this article. There has never been more cause to maintain gardens and backyards cleanly trimmed. Especially if you are isolating yourself and your home more than usual, a good environment will make your spirits high. The practice will make you a power of good. And there is more satisfaction for a job well done. A well-kept hedge is an important part of a beautiful garden. It can Change even the grubbiest patch of land into something special that could fight with the Garden of Eden. You’ll be the grudge of the neighborhood.

It can be tedious to trim a hedge; therefore, you need to choose a trimmer that adjusts you. Certainly, you don’t want a heavy-duty, gas-powered hedge trimmer for tiny bushes. Similarly, you don’t take a cheap electric hedge trimmer if you have a long hedgerow to trim through.

You may need to purchase a power extension when you will buy an electric hedge trimmer for plunging them into a socket. However, firstly, you need to select the best hedge trimmer. It’s not an easy task like buying the cheapest one; there are many things to consider. As a result, we have enlisted here the five best hedge trimmer attachments in the markets and include a significant buyer’s guide so that you can choose the best hedge trimmer effortlessly.

Best Hedge Trimmer Attachment Reviews

Let’s have a look at the best five hedge trimmers over the markets. 

1. EGO Power+ HTA2000 Hedge Trimmer Attachment 

The EGO Power+HTA2000 is a 20-inch hedge trimmer attachment that is a part of the Multi-Head system. It is designed for effective and convenient trimming. The Dual-Action blades trim an industry-leading 1″ cut capability and longevity. The 12-position articulation offers you trim at any angle. EGO attachments are made particularly for your EGO POWER+ Power Head (PH1400) and ensure maximum quality and performance as well.


  • Part of the Ego multi-head system 
  • Efficient and convenient trimming 
  • Trim at any angle!
  • Only compatible with EGO power plus power head PH1400
  • 20 hedge trimmer 
  • Authentic Ego parts offer compatibility, performance and quality 
  • Offers two cut capacity 
  • Heaving water-resistant construction 
  • Battery-powered models
  • Product dimension: 39.29×4.65×4.32 inches
  • Item weight: 5.4 pounds
  • 5 year warranty 


  • Outstanding build
  • Fantastic performance 
  • Perfect for yardwork
  • Stackable and rigid
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • No noisy gas engine
  • Maximum  reach with cutting power


  • Low-quality drive head

Therefore, EGO power+HTA2000 is an excellent hedge trimmer attachment for its outstanding features, good customer’s reviews, and fantastic performance.

2. MILWAUKEE 49-16-2719 Fuel Hedge Trimmer Attachment

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Quick-Lok Articulating Hedge Trimmer Attachment is driven by the M18 Fuel Power Head w/ Quick-Lock, and it is compatible with the Quick-Lock Attachment System. For offering 13 operating positions and 1 storage position, the attachment’s mechanism provides for 270-degree rotation of the blade set. It includes a 20-inch blade with 1 inch capacity for clearing more material in a single pass.

Additionally, it includes a tip guard to eliminate damage to the blade and surrounding work area. Also, it has a padded grip for increased comfort and optimal hand placement. For increasing durability against drops and storage elements, the Quick-Lok Attachment offers protected drive shafts. Moreover, the hedge attachment contains optimized gearing to control the cordless M18 Fuel Power Head RPM output, particularly for hedge trimming applications.


  • Suitable handle and Sliding Adjustment Collar offer for 270 degrees Blade Set Rotation.
  • Tip Guard eliminates damage to blade and surrounding work area
  • Padded Grip increased comfort and optimal hand placement
  • Compatible with the M18 Fuel 
  • Cutting capacity: 1 inch
  • Length of Blade: 20 inch
  • Product length: 60 inch
  • Product dimension: 60.5×5.5 ×3 inches
  • Item weight: 5.8 pounds


  • Well-build product 
  • Excellent performance 
  • Increasing optimal hand placement and comfort 
  • Durable product 
  • Easy to use


  • Not good enough for thick branches 
  • Finding a replacement blade is a troublesome 

In a nutshell, Milwaukee 49-16-2719 is another good option for you because of its amazing features, performance, and well-built, etc.

3. Sunseeker MFT26I-HEDGE-A Hedge Trimmer Attachment

The Sunseeker MFT261 Hedge Trimmer Attachment is very easy to attach without requiring professional adjustment. Anybody can attach it with any brands at any time such as, with Sunseeker, Toro, Craftsman,Ryobi and Troy Bilt units.  It is a 15-inch durable articulated steel hedge trimmer. The 12-position articulating head offers you to fix the blade angle to adjust various hedge shapes and trim hard-to-reach places. Besides, the 15″ dual action-blade gives powerful trimming with ¾ inch cutting capability to handle any hedge, tiny or big. Tool-free attachment ensures you to switch between this as well as other efficient attachments effortlessly.


  • 15-inch dual-action metal cutting blade to power by the deepest hedges.
  • 12-position articulating head offers to fix the blade angles and hard-to-reach places.
  • 30-inch shaft for doing out of reach jobs.
  • Easily compatible with Sunseeker, Toro, Ryobi, Troy Bilt, and Craftsman trimmers and powerhead.
  • Universal attachment is part of a Sunseeker line and offers you to take any job, around all year.
  • Power source: Battery-powered
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Product dimension: 42×3×4 inches
  • 2 year limited warranty 


  • Best for larger shrubs and plants
  • 6-feet long extension pole
  • 6 head adjusting positions
  • ¾ ” tooth gap of blade
  • Excellent working performance 
  • Fantastic attachment for the price 
  • Solidly build 


  • Can’t rotate to 90° angle
  • The hedge trimmer gets hot to the touch

Therefore,  if you search for an excellent hedge trimmer that can be suited with many other brands and lasts for years, then Sunseeker will be one of the best options for you.

4. Snapper XD 82V MAX Hedge Trimmer Attachment 

Snapper 1696895 Hedge Trimmer might be the other best hedge trimmer for your jobs, designed by 17- inch Steel dual-action blade. It contains a 90-degree pivoting head which allows easy cutting. It offers a maximum 82 volts initial battery voltage ( measured without a workload), whereas the normal voltage is 72 volts. It is compatible with Snapper XD 82 volts String Trimmer for extending the reach with the hedge trimmer and pole saw attachments to easily trim bushes and other landscape elements. Moreover, it is a battery-powered tool that offers a 43 cm cutting length.


  • 17-inch dual-action blade
  • 90-degree pivoting head for easy and safe cutting
  • Connect the hedge trimmer attachment to any Snapper XD 82-Volt max string trimmer
  • Compatible with Snapper XD 82 Volts String Trimmer 
  • Maximum initial battery voltage 82V
  • Dual-line tips
  • Cutting length 43 cm
  • Power-source: Battery-powered 
  • Product dimension: 52×3.5×4.5 inches
  • Item weight: 5.7 pounds
  • 3 years limited attachment warranty 


  • Great quality 
  • Easy and fast cutting 
  • Easily help to reach bushes without a climbing ladder
  • Great for the price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to attach
  • Connects to Ryobi, Craftsman, Sunseeker, and other generic attachment 


  • Hard to handle

Undoubtedly, Snapper XD 82 V Max Hedge Trimmer is an outstanding attachment for your jobs for excellent design, excellent features, good performance and easy cutting. One of the main drawbacks is, it may sometimes, hard to handle. 

5. Ryobi Expand-It 17-1/2 inch Universal Hedge Trimmer Attachment

The Ryobi Expand-It 17-½ inch Universal Hedge trimmer Attachment is an ideal tool for cutting branches and new growth around ⅜ inch thick. It is used to move your attachment efficient line trimmer into a hedge trimmer. It is compatible with most models of hedge trimmers. It includes a 17-½ inch L blade which offers easy control and is lightweight. Additionally, the Dual-Action Reciprocating blade ( double-sided) ensures a clean cut with low vibration. To connect the blade to the powerhead and shaft of your trimmer, you don’t need any tools or adapters.


  • Cutting branches and new growth around ⅜ inch thick
  • 17-½ inch L blade is simple to control and lightweight 
  • Dual-action reciprocating blade makes a clean cut and makes low vibration 
  • Compatible with most models of hedge trimmers
  • Product dimension: 6.8×5.6×42.6 inches
  • Item weight: 5.59 pounds


  • Heavy-duty product than electric 
  • Fantastic working 
  • Easy to attach to handle
  • Low vibration
  • Clean cutting
  • Value for product 


  • Troubles to cut laurel branches, ivy vines and similar. 

Therefore, Ryobi Expand-It 17-½ inch Universal Hedge Trimmers might be the best option for you. Since it is ideal for cutting branches and new growth, ensuring good performance, easy attaching, clean cutting etc., without cutting laurel and ivy vines.

What to consider when buying hedge trimmers attachment 

There are lots of things to consider before buying the best hedge trimmer attachment for you. You need to know what to look for a trimmer attachment that will help you choose the best one. The following things you need to consider before buying a hedge trimmer attachment.

Power source

To choose a hedge trimmer with a comfortable weight, you need to look for a trimmer with a short blade or take a corded model, which usually has lower weight than battery-powered and gas-powered. 

However, you should select the type of hedge trimmer depending on the type of vegetation you will cut. As a result, you need a gas model for heavy-duty tasks. Similarly, it would help if you had a corded or battery-powered trimmer for a light job.

If you need to trim hard or woody branches( ¾ inch or wider),  a hedge trimmer can’t be the appropriate tool for the job. Instead, choose a manual pruning saw to cut especially thick-stemmed branches.


The best hedge trimmers use sharp metal teeth blades to strip away vegetation. The single-sided blade types are considered a worthwhile safety measure because of teeth that keep away from you as you work. On the other hand, the double-sided models work in both directions, so you need to keep conscious when using them, but they offer you to complete your work fast.

When it comes to considering the length of a hedge trimmer blade, bigger isn’t always better. The longer the blade, the speedier you can cut your vegetation hedge. But the longer bladed trimmer is heavier and more troublesome, so you need more power and need good care to operate it accurately to get the wanted results.

Generally,  the best hedge trimmer blades can extend between 13 inches to 40 inches. Usually, 16-inch blades trimmers are best appropriate for small to medium size hedge. Similarly, 18-inch blades trimmers are excellent for grooming medium to large size hedges, and for big hedges, 20-inch blades are best.

Cutting capacity

The cutting capacity of a hedge trimmer depends on the gap between the blade teeth. The gap measures the largest branch size the tool can securely cut. The larger space or gap, the greater or longer the cutting capacity of the trimmer. Ideally, 1 inch or greater gap between the hedge trimmer’s teeth. But you can get models with a ⅜ to ¾ inch. Besides, you should select a larger cutting capacity for thick, dense or woody plants; likely a lower cutting capacity is allowable for a young, leafy hedge with fine stems.

Extra Features

Most hedge trimmers contain the same basic design, no matter what the blade length or power source. So, the extra features can differentiate them and make them suitable for particular needs. Suppose some trimmers include shoulder straps which can alleviate strain from your arms when you do long trimming sessions. Others offer ergonomic handle features that improve comfort and enhance manoeuvrability. Moreover, others have anti-vibration technology which gives a smoother trimming experience. And some of them have laser-cut blades which offer clean, straight cuts on every turn.

Final Verdict 

Hopefully, you have enjoyed our article and been able to pick your best one from the 5 best hedge trimmer attachments according to your requirement. But, if you don’t,  our first recommendation is EGO Power+HTA2000, a very convenient and all-inclusive product for your jobs. Second is Milwaukee because of its excellent performance, good features, and amazing customer reviews. That’s not mean that the other products on our list are any less. All of them are best regarding their own advantages and drawbacks as well.

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